January love horoscope 2020 for capricorn

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Capricorn Love Horoscope

All these months, in fact, are very useful to return to smile in love, to recover a relationship that was in a clear crisis or to close a love story that is no longer satisfactory for you and that does not allow you to live peacefully. So Jupiter in your sky for almost all twelve months of this new year can also indicate a separation, a divorce but that can be lived with peace, serenity, a lot of satisfaction and with interesting agreements between you and the person you no longer love.

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If you intend to marry, you want to decide the date of your wedding, you want to buy a new house to go live with the person you love, if you want to have a child or you want to buy the furniture to decorate your dream house with your partner , then all these things will be possible and can become very concrete especially in the second part of the year, even if all these novelties will bring a lot of weariness and a very considerable waste of energy difficult to recover.

But the satisfactions that come in this period are so many that fatigue will not be a big problem for you. During these months you can finally woo the very person you like so much and that meets your sentimental needs and even if you could get a little rejection the best thing to do is not give up and try with another person. The opportunities to meet new people are so many and the chances of falling in love can come especially during the months of January, February and March.

If you are lonely hearts, you can not stay indoors, hoping that love can knock on your door, but you absolutely must go out, go to new places and decide to make new friends. The current period is so positive that even those who have remained alone for a long time will finally be able to experience new emotions.

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Job - career - money Capricorn great period not to say that you can live a wonderful period for almost the whole year. Exceptional situation for you in the job. This year is a year of beginning, a year in which the renewal that you decide to bring into your life can go on for many more years. If the work you are doing is no longer satisfying then the need to close and start again with new professional experiences will be very strong within you. During this phase of your life you will be able to find the right people who can help you realize your desires and every project, every idea you have in mind will become a real thing in a short time.

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Young people who are looking for a new job can of course send their curriculum, do a lot of talks, study to have a better preparation and the results can arrive by the end of March but most likely by the month of June when Mars in quadrature can create a light physical tiredness, a depression, a pessimism that can be fought without problems. Great months to leave a job that you do not like anymore and to start a new professional path that requires a lot of money, many financial investments but that allows you to be really excellent and achieve wonderful results. Many of you will remove the chain from the foot and can reach a sense of enormous work and economic satisfaction.

During the end of December the new passage of Saturn will be less influential but the economic and work consolidation that you will obtain during the previous months will be so strong that it will last for many months over time. Earnings may be few during the year but only because you are starting a new path of life that in the next few years will bring a lot of money.

You do not have to give up and if you want to buy a new home then act now. Luck - fitness Capricorn the situation on the physical level is very good. First of all we must say that when Jupiter is very positive and in your case it passes right above your astrological sky, the possibility of getting out of a complicated situation in health is very promising and therefore you can solve some health problems by meeting a good doctor and doing just care that maybe in the past were completely wrong.

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As for the physical and mental energies, they are in sharp increase but the second part of the year will bring a very noticeable decline with Mars in quadrature which will not be easy to manage and you must try to rest when your body is really tired. If Jupiter indicates the possibility of improving your psychological and physical condition, Saturn allows you to be really very efficient being able to work for hours every day. The first months of the year, however, are excellent for traveling, for meeting new people, for investing money in a new business proposal, for taking a new diploma and then returning to study, to fix your home with new furniture and renovations.

Everything you do during this year can bring a lot of satisfaction and a great sense of optimism will grow inside you. Now you have more confidence in yourself, in your qualities and in the possibility of realizing the projects you have worked on for many years. Jupiter and Saturn can, but only in some rare cases, lead to a big win at the game but do not exaggerate by wasting too much money. We mentioned earlier trips to do. If you travel a lot during these months you will know very important and useful people for your work and economic progress. Finally, possible judicial, legal and bureaucratic problems will be solved with great solutions coming soon.

Work and money. It's no secret that you've had a rough time over the last couple of years, Capricorn. Hosting the two heaviest planets -- Saturn and Pluto -- in your sign, along with eclipses across your relationship axis since , has most certainly shifted the landscape of your entire life, including your love life. Structures you held on to that you thought served you personally, professionally, and in terms of your security have either already been ripped away from you or will come crashing down in early , as Saturn and Pluto make their infamous conjunction in your sign on January For some, this might be about a major ending in a relationship.

For others, it could be that you and your mate have taken a ride-or-die approach to whatever circumstances you've endured over the last year and are now ready to rise from the ashes together, with the love you share stronger than ever before.